Johnny Hymas

Born in Yorkshire England in 1934, he moved to Malvern, Worcestershire at age 3, where he spent his youth on his family farm studying to become a horticulturist. He became a Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructor after graduating from the Royal Army Physical Training Corps Academy.  During this period he was also a gymnast performing in competitions and international gymnastic displays. Utilizing his skills as a gymnast he became a professional acrobat performing in countries throughout the world. It was during this period of travel--observing the wonders of Nature and the uniqueness of each country, that he became deeply involved in photography and opened his own studio in Hollywood. He came to Japan in 1969 and has been here ever since. (Hymas says that Japan is a photographer’s paradise because there are such a great variety of subjects to study and photograph.) In 1992 he was awarded the AVA multi-media ''Grand Prix Prize" for his high vision photo presentation "Japan The Four Seasons.'' In 1995 he received the sixth Agricultural Culture Award for his book "Tambo--The Sacred Fields." Hymas has published more than twenty books about Japan and his years of work was recognized for having both domestically and internationally heightened the people's awareness of the beauty and importance of Japan's natural heritage, and the dangers of global warming.